VoiceboxMD Review

When it comes to medical dictation softwares, there are very few options to choose from and they all serve a different set of audience. Here in this article I will be reviewing VoiceboxMD’s Medical Dictation Software. VoiceboxMD has been around for a while now and they have a decent fan following. I was able to get a in touch with one of the founders who allowed me to use the software for couple weeks and review it well.

In terms of offering, VoiceboxMD works on Windows, Mac and Mobile including tablets. Technology wise the core engine is built using a combination of Google, IBM and CMUSphinx’s Speech recognition.

Here’s my setup:

Tested on Windows 10 Professional, with a standard aux cable iPhone 6 microphone (yeah I know, I need to update my phone). During the test I was in and out from low to moderate noisy environment. Like many dictation softwares, it is best to be in noiseless environment to for highest accuracy.

Speed of recognition: Throughout the process, the speed of recognition has been very impressive, I could dictate for 30 seconds at a stretch and have it transcribe in 1-2 seconds. My rating:  5/5

Accuracy of general recognition: I found this better than my iPhone’s Siri in most cases. Also I noticed if I use a word in a longer sentence, it has higher chance of getting it right. During my testing of over 1000 words, I noticed it had an error rate of about 2% at worst. My rating: 5/5

Accuracy of medical recognition: I must admit, I may have miss pronounced some of the terms here but I felt for all things medical, it performed significantly better than other medical dictation softwares I used. The error rate was little higher than the general english terms but I think it has more to do with my pronunciation than the software’s recognition. My rating: 4.5/5

Setup time: The setup process is very straight forward. There are video walkthroughs on how to install and configure the software. Thanks to its simplicity there ins’t much to do but get it going within 5 mins. My rating: 5/5

Price per month: This is no brainer, by far the most affordable dictation software for clinical documentation. My rating: 5/5

Support: Throughout the experience, I was in touch with one of the founders who helped me answer any questions I had. But I also presented myself as a casual browser, and active customer to on their website chat. I was connected with a representative instantly and they were very helpful. I also learned that their company policy is to thrive for customer support. I must say this is very impressive. My rating: 5/5

Support for advanced commands: One of the things some advanced users would like to do is automate the automation. Some key features of medical dictation softwares provide ways to enhance the workflow even further by performing repetitive tasks easily. On my test with VoiceboxMD, I noticed that sometimes the Templating functionality did not work as desired. It could be because I need more training to understand the software better. My rating: 4/5

There are many other aspects of the software that needs a full review but I wanted to get this review out quickly. I will be creating another detailed review and touch on some topics such as documentation, mobile support etc.

Final verdict: VoiceboxMD packs complex speech tools in the most simplistic manner for anyone to get start easily and build their productivity. They offer a free 14 days trial and I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Bottom line, VoiceboxMD comes really handy when it comes to clinical documentation. I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the software and its accuracy of recognition for medical terms.

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