How Efficient are Voice Dictation Software for Clinical Documentation?

Voice dictation software and their use for clinical documentation have become increasingly popular as clinicians and doctors all over the world have realized the dramatic potential and benefits of using this innovative software.

Allow us to walk you through all the various benefits of using voice dictation software for clinical documentation:

Save Time & Efforts

Research reveals that clinical staff, including nurses, doctors, clinicians and administrative staff, spend nearly 90% of their time typing, documenting patient information or writing out a prescription. Armed with an efficient clinical voice dictation software that understands all key and basic medical jargon is the best way for a doctor or even a nurse to save time and the efforts exhausted on typing and spend more time with the patient. Saving time from typing tasks also allows clinicians to relax, de-stress and eventually, spend more time with their family and friends.

Greater Efficiency & Flexibility

All of us who have had to spend hours and hours typing in information, statistics or researches know that typing is the slowest method of documentation and record entry. Using a voice dictation software can assist doctors, clinicians, medical researchers, nurses, administrative staff and even pharmacists in maintaining much more efficient record entry and clinical documentation tasks.

It ensures greater efficiency by overcoming all human errors, and allowing much more flexibility to the dictator. This eliminates all time delays, and allows easy and efficient schedule management, with flexible documentation benefits, primarily easy access and recording.

Document Faster & Easier

As a nurse practitioner or a medical researcher, how much time do you allocate for typing out one page of patient information or research? On average, it should take about 20 minutes to type 500-800 words, while some take even more time to type less. With the help of a medical dictation software, you can reduce this time by increasing your typing speed.

Nurse Practitioners mostly have to type out information to produce official documentation, and with the help of a dictation software, this task can be completed within less than half the time it would take them to type manually. You see, medical dictation software allow you to breeze through all your dreadful and boring typing tasks, so you can save up your time and make your work schedule much more flexible!

Eliminate Costs & Expenses

Medical dictation software allows clinicians to save operation and administrative costs, along with the costs paid in the form of salaries to the staff hired for documentation and scribing. If you have a small-scale clinical practice, paying nearly $60,000 a year to your documentation and recording staff is an expense you can easily eliminate with the help of an innovative medical dictation software.

Benefits for Scribes

If you are a professional scribe, you can make your life a whole lot easier and reduce a huge chunk of your work load by using a dictation software, like VoiceboxMD or Dragon, to automate most of your work. It’s incredibly simple and it will help you make your schedule much more flexible.

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