Top 3 Medical Dictation Software Reviews

The use of speech recognition software is one of the most innovative use of information systems to reduce workload and help medical professionals, healthcare specialists and medical researchers streamline and reduce their transcription tasks.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the user experience of three highly innovative and widely used medical dictation software.

Here’s everything you need to know:

A highly innovative and useful product, the Dragon Medical is a remarkable speech recognition software used for medical dictation across multiple medical practices and hospitals. It allows students, doctors, physicians and other healthcare personnel to dictate notes that are registered right into a windows-operated EHR system.

The recent version of Dragon Medical is a highly innovative speech recognition system that provides clearly increased speed to overcome all delays and latency in making the words appear on the screen. It also provides increased accuracy with lesser errors in writing down difficult medical terminologies.

In the Dragon Medical version 10, you will enjoy much lesser errors and delays with drastically improved options for general formatting. It will help you save both, time and effort with an implementation package that costs $525, and monthly subscription payments worth $123.

It tends to have very few drawbacks, except the fact that you need to take some time out for the initial set up and training. And the training part often tends to dissuade several professionals from going forward with the software as it is very time consuming. Overall, it is an excellent and the most widely popular speech dictation software that is being used in all healthcare sectors and processes.

VoiceboxMD is the leading speech recognition software that is widely being used by healthcare professionals, medical researchers, therapists, psychologists, physicians and specialists all over the world. This innovative software offers a competitive range of feature, and a highly cost-effective method of generating lengthy transcription within a handful of minutes. You can forget about hiring scribes or paying people to convert recordings into documents, because armed with this software, you can enjoy anonymous transcription facilities and take full-credit for your research related work.

This software has empowered healthcare specialists all over the globe, and reduced their writing and transcribing tasks with its powerful range of innovative features. The most attractive feature is undoubtedly the competitive and cost-effective rates, for you get to pay as low as $0.05/minute and record audios to convert them into transcriptions. You can use this software for a wide range of purposes and tasks, be it prescription writing, preparing notes for a medical seminar, jotting down a research paper, or even preparing patient notes and documents.

Another highly innovative feature of VoiceboxMD is its ability to provide secure and safe transcription services. This remarkable speech recognition software is highly secure and 100% compliant to all the guidelines of the HIPAA standard. You do not have to worry about any breach of security, information hijacking, or worse, losing the sensitive information regarding patients and their treatments. It employs highly secure encryption methods to ensure that you workflow remains secure and undisturbed at all times.

The app is incredibly easy to use and user-friendly, and once you crack its features and user interface, you will find it a highly beneficial tool that you can use to manage your workload every single day. It is a supported app that can be downloaded as a mobile office on your smartphone so you can record accurate speed in the comfort of your office or room, or even while commuting.

The innovative and advanced machine learning algorithms allows self-learning, and it learns to adapt to your speaking and conversing styles so it provides efficient and effective usage. It can be thought of as your very own, personal EHR management device, as it is fully compliant to work flawlessly well with all the primary EHR platforms. So, you can streamline all your day’s tasks and schedules on one platform.

The most beneficial feature of VoiceboxMD is undoubtedly its advanced medical vocabulary, which is a problem that most speech recognition software and applications could not cover. This amazing app understands all the various medical terms, medications and drugs that you may be talking about in your speech, so this eliminates all chances of having to hire a proof-reader to re-examine the documents you’ve prepared for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, making it a reliable all-in-one solution.

Most specialists have provided reviews that it can often be difficult to learn and understand the complex user interface and design of the system. But once you get the knack of operating this app, you are highly likely to stick to its support for a lifetime.

A fun, efficient and user-friendly speech recognition app that allows you to streamline all your speech recording and transcription tasks with an easy and simple solution. It is a highly innovative cloud-based platform that allows healthcare providers and medical students to engage and network, along with streamline their workflows and tasks to reduce the burnout of being a healthcare specialist, a physician or even a researcher.

You cannot only use this innovative application to view your EHR patient data and documents, but you can also view your clinical schedules from the comfort and flexibility of your smartphone. It allows you to dictate all your information, research, patient encounters, case details and treatment plans amongst others so you can escape hours and hours of typing, or even hiring a typist to write them down for you.

This application can also be used for communication and coordination with your healthcare team. However, reviewers have pointed our certain complications, for instance, the app has a tendency to get clunky as certain types of reports can only be accessed in certain areas despite the fact that all your data will be stored within the same database. Moreover, some users have highlighted syncing issues, while others believe that the uploaded images tend to load in separate encounters rather than the encounter for the specific patient you’re dealing with.

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