3 Dragon Medical Alternatives

Dragon Naturally Speaking dominates the scene of Medical Speech to text software. Despite having a large market share not all doctors like the idea of using Dragon. Some users just don’t like the idea of to be put on hold for hours to get assistance on the product. And, for some don’t bring the value on the table.

Luckily in the world of capitalism, There are alternatives. If you had a bad experience with Dragon Speaking or went through a tedious journey to get your question answered, or simply don’t like the user interface then you may want to consider alternative to Dragon Speaking.

While Dragon is undoubtedly a great software to get your job done. That does not mean it fits every physician requirement. We looked into three major dragon alternatives and composed an article to help you decide which speech to text system can work for you.

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All those great features that Dragon Speaking supply you with comes at a cost. There is no reason for you to pay that heavy price to simply complete your charts. We picked few hidden gems that are alternative to Dragon Speaking and fulfills the practice requirement and that needs recognition in the space of medicine.

There are far too many product similar to Dragon in the marketing. We took three speech to text software out for a test to see what they had to offer.


M*Modal is used by physicians to convert their spoken word into high quality electronic records. M*Modal offering are pretty exciting if you want a basic software that does its job. Apart from capturing speech, it has great features like integrated speech reporting, workflow management and business intelligence and analytics.

We did however found its integration with Athena Health a little confusing to implement. And, it fails to pick up on thick accents.

Olympus Professional Dictation :-

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