Can an App Replace the Role of a Medical Transcriptionist? Let’s Put It to The Test…

Hiring a medical transcriptionist simply for clinical documentation is an expense that can be easily avoided without causing any disturbances to your usual documentation processes. Increasingly, clinicians and doctors all over the world are adopting smartphone EHR and medical dictation apps to help streamline all their clinical documentation tasks and eliminate the expenses of hiring staff to perform these basic functions.

If you haven’t innovated your practice with modern EHR tools and applications, it may come across as an alien possibility, but the use of dictation applications has become increasingly popular and mainstream. The reason behind this are the plethora of benefits practitioners and physicians get to enjoy by picking out dynamic and smart dictation software and applications.

First and foremost, statistics reveal that clinicians and doctors end up paying more than $60,000 to medical transcriptionists for providing basic tasks that they can streamline from an app to gain almost 90% accuracy, and evade most common human errors. The fact of the matter, instead of handing over 60 grands to another person, why not plough it back to innovate your practice, add more treatments, services or innovative laboratory equipment perhaps?

Modern dictation software and smartphone applications are powered by Artificial Intelligence to provide doctors, physicians and other medical practitioners a highly affordable and budget-friendly solution to streamline all their clinical documentation and typing tasks, along with reducing their work burdens and expenses.

If your clinic is a large-scale practice that caters to more than 10 physicians, hiring a medical transcriptionist is not an efficient solution, let alone an affordable one. One medical dictation software is all you need to cater to the various typing and documentation needs of all physicians and healthcare professionals, along with sharing all updates and documentation with a cloud-based platform.

Even if you are a medium or small-sized clinical practice, modern dictation software are just what you need to reduce your staff members, and streamline all your tasks efficiently and fastly. Even if you feel the need to hire a transcriptionist, using a modern dictation app can help the transcriptionist improve speed, accuracy and efficiency.

When it comes to picking out an innovative and efficient dictation solution, you have several viable and affordable option. In this article, we will walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of the two major dictation software, Dragon Medical and VoiceboxMD.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Dragon Medical and its innovative and constantly updated versions have become increasingly popular with a large fan-base from all over the world. Doctors and physicians are adopting this dictation software because of countless efficient features that allow them to streamline their typing tasks and reduce their work load dynamically.

Let’s take a look at all the detailed pros and cons of this innovative medical dictation software:

  • Pros:

Dragon Medical and its effective modern tools allow physicians and transcriptionists to perform documentation tasks 3 times faster as compared to manual typing. Contrary to what most believe, this dictation software aids in enhancing accuracy and eliminating most human errors for greater efficiency.

It features a wide range of in-built and customisable templates with smart options that allow doctors and physicians to streamline and automate most terminologies and information that they type in regularly. For instance, if you deal with certain chronic ailments regularly, such as heart disease or diabetes, you can automate certain medicines, symptoms and prescriptions to save time and effort, and provide the patient your undivided attention.

Moreover, Dragon Medical can be accessed from the handy comfort of your smartphone, along you to complete all your necessary documentation tasks on the go. The best part is, you can easily integrate this software with all other EHR software and tools to share your documentation and records with others, along with scheduling appointments, reminders and a lot more.

  • Cons:

Unfortunately, despite its many innovative features, Dragon Medical also has some drawbacks. First and foremost, when compared with other equally competitive medical dictation software, Dragon Medical always strikes as a much more expensive and extravagant software that requires you to pay to enjoy certain features and upgrades.

Secondly, the initial set-up and the task of adding necessary medical jargon in the vocabulary section are both time-consuming tasks, which have dissuaded countless users to avoid using this application at all.

VoiceboxMD is a much more beneficial and immersive medical dictation solution that is designed to overcome most of the problems faced by doctors and medical specialists while using speech recognition software.

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons:

  • Pros:

VoiceboxMD provides 3 times faster speed and efficiency as compared to typing, and the best part is, you don’t have to waste any time proofreading or checking for errors in terminologies and drug names because it features a vast in-built vocabulary of all key medical terms. You can access countless templates and customise them to suit all your daily documentation requirements.

This software can be easily integrated with other software, including MS Word and MS Excel to further streamline clinical documentation, along with other EHR software that allow you to share your records, along with setting reminders and scheduling. Needless to say, the most amazing feature is its licence for unlimited use, making it the only free medical dictation software that doesn’t ask you to make payments for upgrades and necessary features. It has emerged as one of the most indispensable and beneficial software for clinicians and physicians all over the globe.

  • Cons:

As with all things in life, even VoiceboxMD tends to have some loopholes and drawbacks. Most physicians and clinicians complain that VoiceboxMD fails to provide greater voice navigation when integrated with other EHR software, which can be a major problem while performing services, particularly from a remote location. This potential drawback is, however, a minor problem, and the benefits of this software far exceed its limitations.

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