Top 10 Free EHR Software of 2018

The best way to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your medical practice processes and healthcare services is to choose the best automated EHR software solutions that allow all necessary services, from digital data storage, to tracking test results, writing out online prescriptions, and sharing patient information.

We’ve picked out the top 10 free HER software of 2018 that allow you to perform all the various services your practice requires each day.


This is a cloud-based billing solution for all medical professionals and practice, and this innovative and free EHR tool can provide you a wide range of benefits. Its capabilities include electronic medical records, practice management, fee and schedule management, billing tasks and account management, tracking patient history, processing integrated electronic claims, and automatic refill requests.

It’s most innovative features include HIPAA compliance, encrypted transfer of data, data backup and secure remote access. It is widely considered the best free EHR software for appointment scheduling, managing accounts receivable, inter-office communication, and simplifying the complicated process of billing.



DrChrono is a web-based EHR solution software that is widely being used by various large and small-scale healthcare organisations to manage electronic health records and healthcare facilities of their practice. It provides appointment reminders, scheduling, practice management, electronic prescriptions, communication and coordination, and generating billing reports.

It comes with a wide range of highly innovative clinical tools for medical practices, such as speech-to-text tool, customisable medical forms, drawing tools, macro buttons and lots more. You can enjoy the basic version for free, but other advanced packages come with a monthly payment.


iSALUS EHR Software

iSALUS is a web-based EHR software that is extremely popular for its competitive integrated billing facilities and practice management potential. You can avail a great variety of training and security services, which includes billing, scheduling, and fully integrated HER services. The solution is extremely user-friendly and provides basic functionality with an all-in-one solution approach to streamline all the affairs of your medical practice.

It will help you provide quality end-to-end patient healthcare along with countless additional services, such ePrescribing, document scanning, data management, and payment processing amongst others that will help you ensure efficiency and compliance to all EHR standards.



eMedicalPractice is designed to streamline and facilitate all the various processes and communications that take place within a medical practice, and it is the most competitive free integrated EHR solution. It provides electronic health record management, billing and accounting, practice management, patient portals and scheduling facilities.

This powerful solution is designed to make it easier for healthcare experts and personnel to schedule appointments, online patient registrations, online prescriptions, patient visiting charts, communicate with labs, share medical information and bills, and provide referral letters.


Practice Fusion

A very handy and efficient web-based EHR tool that allows all medium, small and large-scale healthcare organisations to integrated their entire electronic healthcare recording processes. Its innovative features include, patient scheduling, clinical charting, imaging integration, electronic prescriptions, E/M coding, and even lab management.

It is supported by ads so you do not have to spend a single cent, and its touchscreen interface allows you easy access to all patient appointments, charting and records. It can also be used for data management, remote access, inter-organisational communication, reports, scheduling, and training services.



A recently introduced and highly successful electronic health record software that not only liberates all your managerial and billing processes form the dependence of paper, but it also breaks away all traditional practices to innovative your day-to-day tasks. It is an intelligent system that allows doctors and other healthcare personnel and managerial staff to work more efficiently and provider improved healthcare services with its fast, secure and innovative cloud-based technology.

It allows doctors to track patients personal information, health records, refer patients, record data and information, schedule appointments, hold communication between patients, staff and doctors, along with managing billing and accounting information.


Kareo EHR

A highly innovative and easy-to-use web-based medical billing software that allows you to enjoy various services, including practice management, electronic health records, and even processing integrated electronic claims. Kareo HER is a free product and it is incredibly easy to use, particularly the practice management integration functions. The system allows you to streamline all your scheduling, billing and reporting requirements with an all-in-one billing solution.



EncounterWorks is an electronic health record software designed to enhance efficiency and the quality of healthcare services provided across both small and large-scale healthcare organisations. Its cloud-based deployment allows 24/7 sever access and free upgrades, with multiple features that are beneficial for physician practices, medical administrators, community clinics, hospitals, and other health systems. If you seek an affordable and efficient cloud-based EHR solution, it simply doesn’t get better than this!

It features a patient manager, appointment reminders, billing and accounting, scheduling system, claim submission process, managing accounts receivable, communication and messaging, reporting, clinical modules, products modules, clinical templates, lab management, data management and free backup every day.


Practice Mate

An immersive web-based EHR solution that allows efficient practice management with its powerful billing and managerial capabilities. Its features include patient portal, scheduling, credit-card processing, data management and reporting and a lot more.

The software is designed with an integrated credit card processing platform and features that allow easy and simple patient database management with the assistance of additional statistics, such as demographics, visits, insurance information and appointment schedules. It also assist in generating claims, print claims and submitting claims electronically.

It features a reliable cloud-based data backup system, and it can also help generate financial reports and patient statements, which can be transferred easily and securely. It also features insurance verification, ePrescriptions, claim history and HIPAA compliance amongst others.



ChARM EHR is a powerful software designed to facilitate and simplify all practice management tasks and processes with its role based access and innovative features. It can connect users to over 70,000 pharmacies for obtaining electronic prescriptions, along with scheduling online appointments and managing claims.

This solution is fully in compliance with an HIPAA privacy policy and it provides a wide range of free EHR services, such as medical billing, physician SOAP notes, ePrescriptions, patient check-in and visit tracking, secure physician communications, pre-appointment questionnaires and patient portal amongst others.


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