what is meaningful use in ehr

What is Meaningful Use?


Meaningful Use (MU) is a health information technology concept which sets the threshold of the standards set by the U.S. government for using Electronic Health Records (EHR) to document patient clinical data, exchange sensitive information between healthcare providers, insurers and patients. There are some very strict guidelines about the usage of this sensitive information, and while the application of Meaningful is not a compulsion and mainly done for economic purposes, its negligence is punishable by penalties.

Let’s take a deeper look into the various stages and applications of Meaningful Use.

Meaningful use for Medical Practice

Meaningful Use is divided into three basic stages, which were formulated and introduced in 2010, and they all deal with the effective implementation and efficiency of adopting HER.

  • Stage 1

The first stage deals with data collection and sharing by ensuring quality and safety.

  • Stage 2

The second stage involves the information and coordination of advanced clinical processes and it includes advanced clinical decision support, coordination requirements, patient engagement rules and an increased threshold of criteria compliance.

  • Stage 3

The last stage focuses on improving healthcare outcomes to enhance overall healthcare benefits, involving rampant exchange of healthcare information, and other essential guidelines.


Applicable Requirements to Meet Meaningful Use Guidelines

The Meaningful Use rules, measures and guidelines basically determine whether a particular doctor, physician or healthcare provider is applicable for receiving funds from the federal-controlled Medicare HER Incentive Programme. Economic constraints and compulsions often force healthcare organisations and individual practices to seek the Medicaid reimbursements, however, this carrot-and-stick programme also comes with several penalties.

Specialists and doctors can always enjoy exceptions to certain criteria that do not apply to their area of speciality, along with enjoying flexible reporting requirements for quality measures. Menu exclusions and quality measures are two main areas that provide flexibility with the use of CMS incentives.

If you write fewer than 100 prescriptions throughout the EHR reporting period, you can be expulsed from the Computerised Provider Order Entry, and the Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (eRx). If your patients or their agents do not require electronic copy of their healthcare information, you can be exempted from providing these electronic records.


Available Software Solutions to Meet MU Guidelines

In order to effectively meet all EHR guidelines, it is highly advisable to update your system with a more innovative and efficient software that facilitates your chosen clinical quality measures. There are several Meaningful Use certified medical software that can help you streamline your affairs without having to alter your medical practice and processes. You can improve efficiency and eliminate delays and quality breaches by adopting innovative software that allow transparent documentation, sharing and other managerial tasks.

Listed below are some software that can help you improve your clinical practices and meet all the guidelines of Meaningful Use without much hassle and effort. These software are designed to track MU compliance, Meaningful Use documentation and information, and incentive payments.

  • EHR/EMR Software
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Patient Engagement Software
  • Patient Portal Software
  • Practice Management Software

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