Three Ways Clinicians Can Speed up the Time Needed for Clinical Documentation

Documentation takes up a great deal of time and efforts, and doctors can easily eliminate this expense by adopting innovative and immersive EHR solutions that allow speedy clinical documentation.

Using EHR Templates

You can easily and quickly populate all the necessary text by using built-in and customisable EHR templates. Basically, a template contains empty fields to fill in data, along with blanks, drop down select menus and lists that allow you to record all the information necessary without spending too much time. Naturally, the best templates are those that work efficiently, and allow automatic filling of certain data fields to allow streamlined collection and storage of data in EHR.

For instance, an automatically populating template will fill up fields such as symptoms, laboratory results, vital signs and other data collected by other staff members and nurses sharing the data on the cloud-based system. These smart templates can be created to record a wide range of complicated health conditions to give your data recording tasks a repetitive and standardized method of population. Such templates are extremely beneficial for doctors who treat chronic patients, such as heart disease, Diabetes, or even chronic kidney ailments.

Templates can also be shared with all the other staff members in your clinic or practice, and remember, if you have a diverse range of healthcare services, you will have to customize several templates to suit your data recording needs.

Dictation Software for Clinical Dictation

You can cut down hours and hours of time that you spend typing data, both in the office and at home, to improve your schedule flexibility and your life quality in general. Doctors and physicians end up spending too much time filling up patient details and information in the EHR, and this is a disadvantage for both, doctors and patients, who do not get enough attention.

Using a dictation software allows you to speed up and streamline all your clinical documentation tasks, along with eliminating the expense of basic data recording and scribing employees. You have several innovative options, for instance, Dragon, VoiceboxMD and Entrada, all of which are modern, innovative medical dictation software designed to help physicians, doctors and medical researchers perform all detested typing tasks within minutes!

Adopting Innovative EHR Solutions

Adopting modern and innovation EHR information systems, including Dragon and VoiceboxMD will not only help you with speech recognition and streamlined data recording, but it will also allow cloud-based sharing, schedule management and a wide range of other tasks that you would otherwise spend hours doing.

VoiceboxMD allows template dictation and text expanders, which let you type short codes and pre-populate long texts with one single click. On a busy day, these useful standardizing options come in very handy. Dragon also features several powerful template engines, along with providing a wide range of other clinical documentation and streamlining services. Increasingly, all quality healthcare providers and clinicians are adopting these solutions to improve their schedule management and services.

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